In Conversation With Dr. Deepika Jain (ShishuChildCare)

I talked to Dr. Deepika Jain (MD, DPed, DNB, PGDDN, Developmental Pediatrician) about the effects of societal change and parental awareness on the development of children. As a veteran on the field herself, Dr. Deepika expressed her opinions on the benefits of early intervention. Find a more in-depth exploration of the above topics in my upcoming book on parenting - Speak-A-Boo, coming to bookstores this January.

A life Devoid of Sound

People talk about not being able to hear music or not being able to hear the voice of a loved one, due to loss of hearing. Yet many don't realize that hearing is a sense that works in conjunction with the others to add to the vitality of an experience. This video helps you comprehend a fraction of what the loss of hearing does to one's quality of life. My book SpeakABoo explores the importance of sound in the development and growth of children. Check it out in bookstores this month!

The Mirror Effect between Parents and Children's Behaviours

Dr. Ajab Primuswala (Behavioural Therapist) talks about how important it is that parents check their behaviour with children. As a veteran in practice, she insists that lack of awareness is the main problem faced by parents of children with disability and that parents should take steps to educate themselves. I have also spoken about this in my upcoming book, Speak-A-Boo, which is coming out on January 21st.

Parental Awareness is key to the development of a child's senses

Speaking from personal experience are the parents of Prabal Deep, a patient of mine, who's hearing was saved through early intervention and cochlear implant surgery. Amrita and Prakash talk to me about the doubts they had before and the satisfaction and joy that followed after the surgery. It warms my heart to see this. Several such real-life anecdotes can be found in my book - Speak A Boo, which is coming out on January 21st. Watch this space for more.