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SPEAK-A-BOO : PEEK INTO TODDLERS’ BRAINS AS THEY LEARN TO TALK , a 50,000 word book, is an attempt to decode this phenomena and get an insight on how the primitive brain of a new born miraculously achieves the milestone of being able to communicate through words. It chronicles the journey of 0-3 year old children and would greatly appeal to parents, grandparents and other caregivers, as well as to professionals like therapists and cochlear implant surgeons.

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About Author

Dr. Neeraj Suri is a gold medallist ENT specialist who is trained extensively in cochlear implant. She offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at free of cost to the patients of Gujarat (under school health programme) and at an affordable cost to the patients outside Gujarat. Her prime object is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in cochlear implant which includes audiology and speech pathology. She believes in combining the latest surgical techniques with a personal approach to each patient for their benefit. She has an experience of more than fifteen years in managing ENT and its specialized areas.

Cochlear Implant

Having done extensive work in cochlear implant surgeries, she’s is the youngest and only female cochlear implant surgeon in India completing more than 100 cochlear implant surgeries in a span of 8 months. With successful results.

Social Work

Her immense subject knowledge and her overall experience in the field combined with her passion to the serve the society has resulted in her working in public service on various fronts where she is raising awareness about hearing disabilities.

As Publisher

She has been translating her tacit knowledge into research papers, studies and other publications which have been of immense help in the subject. Her latest literary endeavour – Speak-A-Boo is one of the best book on parenting.



Importance of Senses

The book emphasizes the importance of various senses, especially hearing and stresses on the point of how we take it for granted.

For Parents

The book addresses the concerns of the parents of infants who face huge difficulties in communicating with the kid.

Accepting Disabilities

Though it is highly painful, parents need to acknowledge disabilities in their kids and take corrective action to address it.

Brain Development

A scientific deep dive on how neurons in the brain develop and how children start to understand words and form memory.

Digital Age

The act of listening starts in the womb itself but it is important for parents to keep a control on the media in this digital age.

Brain Plasticity

The book goes in detail to explain the ultimate secret of rich brain development - parents talking to their child in early age.



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