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6 reasons to read Speak-A-Boo
February 18, 2021

6 reasons to read Speak-A-Boo

Amongst the many parenting books that are available in the market, Speak-A-Boo stands out. Here are 5 reasons that make the book a valuable read, not only for parents, but for anyone that deals with children on a day-to-day basis.

Anecdotal evidence

The author, Dr Nerraj Suri, apart from being a mother of two herself, has extensively worked with parents and children as a pediatric cochlear implantologist. She has written notable anecdotes from her career, making the book rich with lived experiences.

Scientific Information

Dr. Neeraj Suri has backed her work with scientific research and logical explanations, making it much more valuable. Moreover, she has presented these in a lucid language that can be easily deciphered by a layman.

A compassionate approach towards parents’ mental health

Dr Neeraj has adopted a very emphatic approach towards new parents, who, in her experience suffer mental health issues, especially if the child has special needs. The book is a highly encouraging read for such parents, as it assuages their concerns and encourages them to make the right choices.

Advocacy for early intervention

As a cochlear implantologist, Dr Neeraj vouches for early intervention for children that are born with disabilities, especially hearing impairment. Speak A Boo encourages parents to be vigilant towards the growth and development milestones of their children and tells them what are the signs that they should watch out for. Through the book, she has also advocated for Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening (UNHS).

Exploration of home environment

What makes or breaks a child’s ability to speak is not who they are born to, how they are born or what school they attend. Sure all of those things play a role but what decides one’s ability to speak is the environment they grow up in. She describes instances to elaborate on the importance of a positive atmosphere at home and how communicating with the child helps in their development.

Proceeds to go to charitable institutions

Dr Neeraj Suri has always championed the children who have hearing impairment. And the aspect that affects her the most is the fact that hearing impairment is completely curable with the help of cochlear implants. Sadly, there are many children who are unable to get the necessary treatment on time and lose an opportunity to live a normal life in the mainstream. Hence, Dr Neeraj Suri has decided to forward all proceeds from the sales of the book to non-profit organizations that help these children. So when you buy a copy of Speak-A-Boo, you not only get your hands on a valuable book, but are also changing lives.

Speak-A-Boo is a part of a campaign #TalkToYourChild. The book and the campaign emphasise on the need of effective communication. Reading this book would surely have a positive impact on the parents’ perspectives. Apart from authoring the book, Dr Neeraj Suri has also commissioned a documentary #TalkToYourChild, which you can view here.