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Dr. Neeraj Suri is a gold medallist ENT specialist who is trained extensively in cochlear implant. She offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at free of cost to the patients of Gujarat (under school health programme) and at an affordable cost to the patients outside Gujarat. Her prime object is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in cochlear implant which includes audiology and speech pathology. She believes in combining the latest surgical techniques with a personal approach to each patient for their benefit. She has an experience of more than fifteen years in managing ENT and its specialized areas. She feels that it is important to always listen to each patient in order to test pinpoint and solve their problems. Dr. Neeraj Suri has a special interest in advanced surgical techniques for cochlear implant. She advocates the use of most recent advanced Equipments in most of her cochlear implant surgeries. According to her this enhances the outcome of the surgery positively.

It is her privilege to introduce this website which covers majority of the treatment modalities in the field of deafness and also specialised super speciality (reconstructive ear surgery, endoscopic anterior skull base surgery, endoscopic dacryocystitis). Dr. Neeraj Suri for Best hearing aid Surgeon/Doctor in Ahmedabad, Best hearing aid in Gujarat, Best hearing aid in India.

She started this venture in a small way three years ago, along with a team of ENT surgeon, audiologist, and auditory habilitations. This is the first of its kind providing state of art of cochlear implant care. Her dream in providing complete solution for deafness became true when she started cochlear implantation in 2005 after undergoing extensivetraining in cochlear implantation. With new born screening and early intervention programme could pick up the hearing-impaired children early enough to provide world class care.

Having done extensive work in cochlear implant surgeries, she’s is the youngest and only female cochlear implant surgeon in India completing more than 100 cochlear implant surgeries in a span of 8 months. With successful results.

Dr.Neeraj Suri looks forward to serving you in the future by growing along with scientific advancements. Dr. Neeraj Suri for Best hearing aid doctor in Ahmedabad, Best hearing aid surgeon in Gujarat, Best hearing aid in India.

Dr. Neeraj Suri currently heads one of the busiest cochlear implant programme, carrying out nearly 20 ci surgeries every month and works closely with foundation and NGO’s to support patients.


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