First Time Parents – Learning the Toddler mind-set

First Time Parents – Learning the Toddler mindset
January 13, 2021

First Time Parents – Learning the Toddler mind-set

Parenting a toddler can be and is way different than parenting a teenager and vice versa. A parent never really stops parenting their child even though their teenage or young adult lives. However, let’s talk from the perspective of a first-time parent raising an infant or a toddler. Being a parent to them can be challenging and full of exhaustion. Those tiny little beings look the most adorable but can be difficult to connect with. However, some effective parenting tips can help you connect with your kid:

Perfect your baby talk skills.

I know it is not an easy task. It can also sound ridiculous and stupid as a grown parent to make that squeaky voice or add that drama tone to normal sentences. However, that is exactly what the baby will respond to. Most of the best baby development books suggest that they react better to baby talk compared to normal voices.

Play along with their creativity.

According to child brain development books, as your baby develops his/her imagination, they will play with it and explore it. Don’t look at your kid from the benches. Join them and let them tutor you as to how to see the world for once. This would give you many opportunities to connect well with your kid.

Give them a healthy diet.

Till the age of three, what your child eats plays a severe role in enhancing lateral intelligence. Moreover, it also is important to protect their immunity from diseases and viruses. If you give your kids home-made baby food without salt, it will help them develop their taste buds in a way that makes healthier food options tastier as well.