Decoding Parenting – Understanding your child better

Decoding Parenting – Understanding your child better
January 11, 2021

Decoding Parenting – Understanding your child better

Being a parent and parenting your kids are two different concepts. If you give birth to a child, you are naturally a parent to them. You can also be a parent to a kid you adopt. However, parenting is how to treat them and teach them essential things in life during their most crucial growth stages. As challenging as parenting can be, it can also be fun if you know what you're doing. Let's decode it together:

Identify and appreciate your kid on his/her best behaviour:

Reacting negatively to your kid's annoying habit of causing havoc around the house by throwing things here is very easy. But if you look back on a day at night and reflect how many times you get angry at your kid who probably wasn't needed, you would realize for most times that is usually the case. You don't like being scolded by your boss, do you? Instead, focus on the positives more often. If they make their bed voluntarily, acknowledge it, and appreciate them for it. Don't shy away from love gestures like hugging, compliments, and more. This is necessary for child development.

Be your child's biggest cheerleader:

The first perception kids make of themselves highly depends on how they see themselves in their parents' eyes. Your kids carefully note your nonverbal skills like body language, tone of voice, and expression. Know when to let them do things independently, even if they feel a little uncomfortable at first. Once they accomplish it and you make them realize that they did a fantastic job, they'd develop more self-esteem.

Make time for them:

You look at dinner tables at homes right now, and it feels like we make them still because it is a given part of furniture that needs to be there. It is rarely used anymore. Families don't sit or eat together. With your busy work schedule also, I understand it cannot be easy. But do it still! Ten minutes if not more. Your kid needs your time at regular intervals. If you can't do it daily, set up a schedule for weekly nights where your child knows that on this day at this time, I am going to have a fantastic time with my family.